Sample Form

An alternative to a PDF that limits flexibility…

Just an idea: create an online form to capture data for the reporting phase of Corbin’s grantmaking cycle.

Here are two quick examples for the kinds of fields that were giving us the most trouble.

  1. The first is a text field that is augmented to allow for formatting and will expand as needed to allow for more information.
  2. The second is an expanding list. The + symbols allows you to keep adding as many rows as you want.

Other features we could include:

  • The form could also allow for attachments if needed.
  • The form can be restricted so that it was not accessible to the general public.
  • We can enable a save and return feature – allowing a grantee to save an incomplete report, then return to complete their report.

You would have access to a user-friendly back end where you could review submitted reports and record administrative notes (this could be anything from checking a box that a grantee fulfilled their reporting obligations to full paragraphs of commentary on the success – or otherwise – for the grantee). The reports would be shareable, printable, and exportable to Excel.

FYI – there would be small add-on charges for development and ongoing maintenance. More details as needed – let me know!