Online Application Instructions

Preparing to Apply

Add the address “” to your safe senders list to ensure you receive all system communications.

When uploading attachments to an application, keep in mind there is a maximum attachment capacity of 50MB. Additionally, uploads must be compatible with Adobe Reader or Microsoft Office products.

Returning Applicants

If you have not yet exhausted all Corbin support previously awarded, please contact the Corbin office at 330/762-6427 before submitting another proposal.

New Applicants

When you click the button on the Apply Here page to Create a New Application, you will see a link for “New Applicant” under the E-mail field. Click it and follow the prompts.

  • Your password must be a combination of letters and number and be 8 characters long.
  • Be sure to write down your login name and password for future reference. The Corbin Foundation does not have access to your password.
  • If you forget your password, click on Forgot Password on the Login page and follow the prompts.

Working with the Online Application Form

It is recommended that you read through a printed copy of the online form before entering your answers. You may wish to prepare and draft your answers in a word processing program to copy and paste into the online form fields.

  1. Open the application and select “Print Friendly”. Note: Check box answers will not print off unless you select the box.
  2. Draft the answers in a word processing program, and copy and paste each answer into the appropriate field in the online application form.
  3. If copying and pasting from a word processing program, limit use of bullets and other formatting.

Email a copy of the application to yourself or to someone else for review or discussion by selecting “E-Mail Draft”.

When working on your application, your work on each page will be saved when you click the “NEXT” button or the “SAVE & FINISH LATER” button at the bottom of each page.

When you are prepared to submit your online application, be sure to have the documents listed and described in the online proposal’s “Attachments” tab ready for upload:

  • Letter of Endorsement, if needed
  • IRS 501(c)3 letter
  • List of Board of Trustees
  • IRS Form 990
  • Most Recently Audited Financial Statements, if available
  • Itemized Total Request Budget
  • Itemized Total Project Budget
  • Annual Organizational Budget
  • Fiscal Sponsor Annual Budget, if applicable
  • Organizational Chart
  • Strategic or Business Plan, if available
  • Annual Report, if available
  • Other Optional Information

Submission Steps

  • Once you begin an application, the form will have a unique five-digit ID number assigned to it. You will see the number on your “Applications” page.
  • Make note of the number. It may be useful when corresponding with Corbin after submission of your application.

The application will not be submitted to The Corbin Foundation until you click the “SUBMIT” button. When the application is sitting in your account as “in progress” draft form, the application cannot be seen by The Foundation.

Remember to “SUBMIT” the application prior to the application deadline. If the application is open and you are working on it when the deadline cutoff occurs, the system will close the application and not allow its submission past the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted, regardless of the reason (computer problems, power outages, internet connectivity issues, etc.), so plan to fill in and “SUBMIT” the application well in advance of the deadline. Consider your computer’s internet connection and speed, because uploading large data files does take some time.

Once you “SUBMIT” successfully, you will receive a confirmation e-mail (sent to your online account e-mail, created when you filled out the required information as a “New Applicant”) with a copy of your application.

If you do not see the e-mail in your inbox, check your “junk” or “spam” folders. If you still do not see the confirmation e-mail, log out and log back into your online account. If the draft is still “in progress”, then re-submit.

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