Application Procedures

Applicants are expected to read our
Grant Guidelines
before applying to The Foundation.

In order for your organization to be considered for a grant, you must submit (via postal mail and not over the Internet) an original and one copy of a proposal which includes the following:

  • Grant Application Cover Sheet.
  • Cover letter written on your organization’s letterhead.
  • Written endorsement by your chief executive officer
    — only if the cover letter comes from someone else.
  • Name of the project and its purpose or need.
  • Detailed, itemized project budget
    — including the project’s total cost.
  • Amount requested of The Corbin Foundation
    — and how that award would be used.
  • List of other local foundations approached or to be approached for the same project.
  • List of your organization’s governing body.
  • IRS 501(c)(3) and non-private foundation status determination letter(s).
  • IRS Form 990 (without attachments, the “core” return).
  • Organizational budget.
  • Organizational flowchart.

Your full proposal, as attached to the Grant Application Cover Sheet, should include a history of your organization and be a clear, concise and convincing discussion detailing the need for the project, its goals and objectives, and how the project will improve the quality of life of those you serve. Include, if you can, statistics on the number of Akron/Summit County individuals that will be impacted.

The Foundation meets at least semi-annually, customarily in May and November, to review proposals. Grant requests must be received not later than March 1 for consideration in May and not later than September 1 for consideration in November.

Grant requests should be addressed to The Foundation and mailed or hand-delivered to The Foundation’s office. They should not be mailed or delivered to an individual Trustee at a different location.

Only written applications submitted timely will be considered. Both telephone and personal interviews are discouraged unless requested by The Foundation. If additional information is required, The Foundation will request it. However, any questions concerning the application procedure may be directed to The Foundation office.